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The Texas Trucking Association offers these FREE SmartSessions to help you improve your business.

CSA and Pre/Post Trip Inspections

This presentation will focus on the importance of Pre and Post Trip Inspections with regards to CSA scores. FMCSA officials will be on hand to address the number of violations that can be prevented with proper Pre and Post Trip Inspections.

Hazardous Materials: The Most Common Violations

Representatives from the US DOT’s Transportation Safety Institute will provide attendees information concerning the most common Hazardous Materials violations and what you can do to prevent these violations from occurring.

How To Prepare For A Safety Audit

DOT or your state enforcement folks want to audit your operations. Are you ready? This seminar is ideal for independent contractors and small fleets. It will provide hands-on specifics about preparing for a safety audit by either the U.S. D.O.T. or state officials.

CDL/Medical Certificate Update

Officials with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety Driver License Division will address the implementation of combining the CDL with a drivers Medical Certificate here in Texas. Learn how this process works and what you need to do to be in compliance. Also learn the consequences of not providing your Medical Certificate to the Driver License Division.

Hours Of Service Regulations

Attend this session to learn how to comply with the Hours of Service Regulations. Learn also the latest with regards to the proposed rule changes. Find out where we are now.

Ride on… with natural gas… today

More than ever fleets recognize the significant value from switching to cheap, clean and abundant American natural gas. Savings of $2 or more per gallon, freedom from fuel price volatility and a whole lot cleaner. Today there are so many options on natural gas engines and fueling solutions. Costs have come down dramatically. Paybacks are often in months not years. Is there another opportunity as significant to improve your bottom line? Come and learn how you too can ride on natural gas…today.

Owner/Operator Taxes 101

Find out the latest with regards to tax laws? What should you be doing now to prepare for next year? Find out when and how to interact with the IRS. Will you be legally utilizing tax exemptions to their fullest? Attend this session to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Successful Owner/Operators: Are You One?

Attend this session to learn steps to take to ensure your financial success as an Owner/Operator. Are there benchmarks you should be adhering to in order to run a successful business? Find out the answers to these items and more.

Maximizing Your Fuel Purchase Dollar

Learn how to save the most when purchasing fuel, and still maintain your sanity. This seminar is designed to inform attendees of various options available for fuel purchase optimization and how they can work best for you.

CSA For Drivers

This session will provide drivers information concerning CSA and how the system works. Learn how you can improve and protect your record.